DSCF0115[1]Year 9 Basketball
Harrow Way 12 Test Valley 21

Sadly Harrow Way lost the final in the Sports Partnership Basketball competition. However they battled tirelessly and just could not make up the deficit that had accumulated in the first quarter.

Harrow Way got off to a poor start and were a little overwhelmed by a well drilled Test Valley team. At the end of the first quarter Harrow Way found themselves trailing 12 – 0.

After the team talk at the quarter time a more confident Harrow Way took to the court and they started to get back into the game with Alice Longshaw and Anna Bazzoni sinking a couple of baskets. The half time score ending at 17 – 6.

In the 3rd quarter Amelia Carter took on the role of marking the Test Valley ball carrier and managed to steal some of the balls which allowed Harrow Way to build up some attacks, although sadly not always finishing with the ball in the basket.

Anna Bazzoni had an outstanding game in defence, but also converted several of her interceptions into points and ended up scoring 10 out of 12 Harrow Way points.

The final score was 21 – 12, but a very spirited and creditable performance from the girls who learnt so much from playing such a good final.

The Test Valley girls deserved their win and we wish them every success in their future matches.

Team: Anna Bazzoni, Cathy Murray, Steph Jackson (Capt), Steph Boulton, Charlotte Knights, Alice Longshaw, Amelia Carter, Lauren Lind