Harrow Way 21- John Hanson 0

This was a very convincing win for our year 7 team who again showed how much they are improving week by week. Our defensive players hardly got a touch of the ball, but when it did get down their end, they managed to intercept any play and turn the ball around. Hollie Guiver (WD) yet again proved her versatility by playing another new position and playing it extremely well; she marked her WA out of the game and showed athleticism by making many interceptions.

Our attack was extremely strong today showing that they are really starting to think ahead and time their dodges so the ball can be brought down the court quickly and accurately. Georgia Harris (GS) grew in confidence as the game went on, shooting well and working the ball around the circle in order to get herself and Chloe Lister (GS) into the correct position.

Izzy Smart (WA) was a reliable player again this match, she rarely makes mistakes and is a solid support to the attack in any situation.

This team should be very proud of themselves, they have worked very hard so far this term and the improvements are vast and apparent in the scores.

Well done girls.

Girl of the game: Hollie Guiver