DSC03663The artist Clare Woods led the Big Draw activity at Roche Court Sculpture Park this year, exploring the drawing techniques she uses to make her large scale paintings by using collage and photographs all linking to the plants and trees within landscape.
A group of Year 10 art students were fortunate to be involved with this National event working with Clare and students from another Wiltshire school.

DSC03608Following an introduction from Clare about her work and after viewing her exhibition, our students quickly realised the huge scale upon which they were to work, which can be seen in the photographs showing individual sections of their work and the final outcomes displayed upon the gallery wall.

DSC03600Working from photographic studies of Natural Forms they integrated their own work with that of the other students by connecting structure, space and colours, using charcoal, coloured chalks and pastels. There was positive interaction and discussion between all participants while trying to crawl and stretch across the vast piece of art work.
DSC03673Mrs Harvey returned some very charcoal covered students at the end of the day – luckily nobody saw them because it was late in the day and everyone had left Harrow Way!
The large pieces of work will hopefully be displayed at school and will also form part of the students’ GCSE portfolio of studies.