Painting PossibilitiesYear 9 were asked to find a magazine cutting of an image they would like to paint. It could be anything at all, but their painting had to be as exact as possible, paying close attention to the colours and tonal values.

For their 2nd painting the students had to choose another image; this one had to be different from the first and if their first one was realistic, ie a photograph, then their second one had to be non-realistic ie a cartoon, text or pattern.

Painting PossibilitiesThe paintings were then paired with the work of others in the group to find a story. Often the meaning was altered when the pairs were changed. Discussion took place how the story could have an underlying social issue by choosing the third image carefully to either strengthen the story or change it. The three paintings together make a triptych.

Painting PossibilitiesFor example Jessica Darmanin’s first image was of a leopard (realistic) which symbolised the animal kingdom. Her second image was a BUPA sign (non-realistic) which stood in for health. When Jessica chose a leopard skin shoe as her third image the issue became about how Man uses animal skin to make clothes and shoes for the fashion industry.

Can you see what the underlying image might be for the other triptych paintings shown here?