Thursday 6th November, 2pm, Charlton – not as wet and muddy as last year but just as exciting!

First race up was the Year 7 girls. Lucy Mellows ran a superb race to come in first, closely followed by Holly Eaton in third place. There were only two schools with complete teams of six; we were one of them and came in first. Well done to the whole team!

HARROW WAY Y7 GIRLS – 74 points overall 1st
1st Lucy Mellows
3rd Holly Eaton
14th Abby Wheeler
15th Lauren Willis
20th Coral Stringer
21st Jamie Newman
23rd Chloe Baird

Next up were the Year 7 boys – two and a half laps of Charlton. Although they were short of runners, they worked hard as a team and enjoyed the experience.

9th TobyTrivett
17th Charlie Waite
19th Joshua Walker
29th Tyler Hiscock
30th Jamie Tarrant

The Year 8 girls took to the muddy track next. Another good team performance to ensure they came home in second team place behind John Hanson. The Year 8 boys then provided great excitement as they crossed the line in a pack; first place overall was deservedly theirs!

HARROW WAY Y8 GIRLS – 83 points overall 2nd
6th Ellie Roach
9th Lydia Moulding
14th Anne-Leigh Brooks
17th Molly Wincott
18th Robyn Reagan
19th Ashley Pass

HARROW WAY Y8 BOYS – 42 points overall 1st
3rd Daniel Andrews
4th Michael Pierce
6th Brandon Thompson
7th Owen Trapnell
8th Lewis Parkinson
14th Tom Stacey
16th Mike Stacey
19th Bryce Sams

We would like to congratulate all the runners who represented Harrow Way so well. A credit to their school yet again!