Harrow Way 10 – Rookwood 1
Another good win for the successful team, although we could have won by many more goals. Ellie Roche completely dominated the centre court with interception after interception. Ellie has really improved as a player this year and it is good to see her with so much confidence, turning her interceptions into some very clever passing.

Lydia Moulding was voted ‘most valuable player’ by the opposition, and deservedly so as she works so tirelessly and plays with so much enthusiasm. Lydia and Annie-Leigh Brooks shared the shooting well between them and are working as a strong unit in the shooting circle.
Another player who deserves to be mentioned is Abby Portsmouth, who mastered the art of close marking and is now making some valuable tips and interceptions allowing us to break down the opposition’s attacks. This team is getting on well and are now mature enough to start advancing their tactical knowledge and play.

The league title is now looking a distinct possibility!

Team: Annie-Leigh Brooks, Lydia Moulding, Jessica Wilson, Ellie Roche, Abby Portsmouth, Bethany Collier-Smith, Ella Howells