Monday 20th October was not a dry one but it never dampened the spirits of the Year 7/8 Girls Football Team! Setting off with boots in hand and energy in abundance, the girls were keen to put practice into performance at Test Valley School. Their chosen captain was Lydia Moulding, with Ella Howells in goal. The rest of the team was made up of: Anna Leigh Brookes, Charlotte Heaton, Georgina Harris, Jess Wilson, Jade Wilson, Clara Franklin, Phoebe Williams and Sabrina Newton.

The match was very close and sporting with end to end balls. Annie-Leigh played the striker’s role for Harrow Way superbly, thinking well and putting their keeper under pressure. This earned her the ‘player of the team’ as chosen by the spectators: she took away a ball kindly donated by Gary Kew, AFC.

Lydia captained the team very well, motivating them from the back and encouraging them to keep their heads up and the ball under control; she also played some great shots with both feet. Ella always had her goal area under control. Small goals always meant it was going to be a low scoring match but, close to half time, Jess landed the first and only goal of the game. Clara was great in midfield, watching the play well in her first competitive match. Well done to Phoebe, Jade, Charlotte, Georgina and Sabrina too – they all worked hard and kept their smiles up, even when the rain got harder!

The girls would like to thank Gary and Andover FC for supporting them with their coaching at Harrow Way on Friday afternoons, Test Valley School and leaders for officiating, as well as Mr Williams for accompanying them to their first match together.

Well done, girls! Now you can look forward to the home fixture – hopefully a drier one!

Pictured: the team and Clara and Jade sheltering under Gary’s umbrella.