The gym at Harrow Way Community School was an exciting place to be on Wednesday 1st October – it saw the first ever Year 6 Rock-It-Ball Competition!

Teams from Roman Way Primary, Kimpton Primary and each of the Year 6 Portway Junior tutor groups arrived, ready to have fun and compete for the ‘Pitts Trophy’, a trophy kindly donated by Sam and Lauren Pitts, formally of Kimpton Primary and now of Harrow Way School.

Miss Escritt welcomed everyone and it was not long before each team was warming up and practising their Rock-it-ball skills. Scooping the ball up, running with the ball and aiming it at the wall. Balls were flying everywhere!

The first match saw Roman Way and Kimpton battle each other. Sticks in hand and safety goggles on, the five players on each team set off to pick up the five balls to fire at opposing players. A close game but, four minutes later, Kimpton were the victors!

Kayleigh Kennedy and Rebecca Parker, Level 1 Sports Leaders, were excellent at organising the competition and their skills at umpiring the games were super! They never missed a point, even if a player forgot to put their hand up!

As the competition progressed, so confidence grew and games became livelier and more skilful. Red faces and puffing boys and girls entertained the spectators: other players, parents and teachers, as well as Ross Jones and Sam Cope from TVBC.

The closest match, and one of the most exciting was between Kimpton and Portway EP. Kimpton won the game with only a two hit difference, 28 to 30! However, this was not enough to deny the Portway tutor group overall victory.

Final results and positions (3 points for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 if you lost but you had less than double the number of hits of you opponents – the lower the hits the better!)

Position / Team
1st / Portway EP
2nd / Portway JS
3rd / Portway LW
4th / Kimpton
5th / Roman Way

As certificates were presented by the Y11 Sports Leaders, Miss Escritt and Miss Sturges agreed that everyone was a winner! All had been chosen by their school to play and all had had a fantastic afternoon, with all matches played in a friendly and sporting manner!

Well done Year 6. We will hopefully see you back at Harrow Way for the Town Schools’ Competition on Tuesday 20th January 2009.