Harrow Way won 11 – 7

The Year 7s showed some real potential to be a good team.  Their footwork and passing was consistently good and they did very well not to rush the game.  They showed some examples of thoughtful play and with some work on moving towards the ball and timing, they could be a very good team.  
Izzy Smart (WA) played extremely well, not only feeding in some excellent balls into the circle, but defending well and turning around the play on a number of occasions.

Another player who didn’t stop working for the whole match was Cassie Weeks (C).  Cassie made no mistakes throughout the game and proved an excellent supporting player as centre with many interceptions and excellent agility, and ability to catch under pressure.

We now need to train exceptionally hard in order to refine our skills and think about tactical awareness.  Well done girls, great start to the season.

Girl of the game – Cassie Weeks