Harrow Way 30 – Winton 1

This team has performed really this season and is happy playing some very mature, tactical netball.  The girls look and indeed are, very well organised and are clearly very serious about their netball.
The opposition was weak, but Harrow Way maintained their high standards throughout in a game that they could have dropped their standards and lost concentration.

The good machine Anna Murray is unstoppable and other teams are finding it difficult to cope wither height and skill.

Laura Gilbank took complete control in centre court, intercepting so many of the Winton attacks and setting up the first phase of a new Harrow Way attack.  She was supported well by Hannah Catton and Winton found it very difficult to gain any control of the ball despite the efforts of Jasmine Davies who worked very hard for the Winton team.

The team must surely, now set their sights on winning the league, but also develop their set moves and tactical knowledge.

A brilliant effort all round!

Squad – Anna Murray,  Kayleigh Kennedy, Laura Gilbank, Hannah Catton, Maisie Franklin, Rebecca Parker, Grace Howells, Stephanie Villiers