Result Harrow Way 9 – Rookwood 5

Another victory for the Year 9 girls, albeit a very narrow one.  This was always going to be a competitive match with Rookwood seeking revenge for last season’s result when Harrow Way won by a single goal.

Although the victory was by more goals, to be fair Rookwood played the far better netball.  They were quicker and more accurate with their passing, but fortunately for Harrow Way did not put away their goals.  Although Harrow Way had far fewer shooting opportunities, our shooters, Alice Longshaw and Stephanie Jackson, converted their shots.  Disappointingly a frustrating game for them as they found themselves spending long periods of the match not seeing the ball.

Rookwood kept attacking in waves but luckily our defence clung on, getting many rebounds from Rookwood’s missed chances.  However, one area that this team certainly needs to work on is getting the ball from defence and up the court.  Lots of work in training on speed of dodging and accuracy of passing to come in the next few weeks!

That said, the team showed great spirit in hanging on in a very tough match, and the team earned another set of winning points to keep them on track for a top position in the league.

Squad – Alice Longshaw, Anna Bazzoni, Stephanie Jackson, Lauren Lind, Charlotte Knights, Amelia Carter, Cathy Murray and Jessica Allmark.