Result – Harrow Way 31 – Rookwood 14

The score is actually a little less flattering to a much improved Rookwood team.  In fact the scores were very equal at half time.  However a tactical switch of Hannah Catton from Centre to Wing Attack and Laura Gilbank from WA to C saw the Harrow Way team settle into a much steadier rhythm, which resulted in the parting comment from the Rookwood PE teacher of ‘What an awesome team.’
Anna Murray and Kayleigh Kennedy found their shooting eye in the second two quarters which allowed the team to romp to a good victory.  Grace Howells played in her first match since suffering a terrible knee injury in the summer, and looked sharp and turned over many of the attacking Rookwood moves.  She and Rebecca Parker combined really well in defence and this looks like a good partnership for the future.  Maisie Franklin and Stephanie Villiers both played well, sharing Wing Defence position for half a game each.  Showing what healthy competition there is for places in this strong team.

Two wins from two games; great start girls.  Keep it up!

Squad – Anna Murray, Kayleigh Kennedy, Laura Gilbank, Hannah Catton, Maisie Franklin, Rebecca Parker, Grace Howells and Stephanie Villiers