The new season licked off to a great start with the Year 9s beating Testbourne 16 – 9.  After a frantic first quarter the team started to show some fantastic play with accurate passing and assertive movements.

Stephanie Jackson consistently fed the ball in well to our shooter, Alice Longshaw, who proved how what a dynamic player she is by timing her movements well and she shot very well after the summer break.

The ball was never in our defending third for long with excellent interceptions from Amelia Carter who managed to turn the play around on lots of occasions.

Anna Bazzoni was always in the right place at the right time and did not stop working to defend the ball and in turn always played an integral part of getting the ball up to our attackers.

There were moments in the game when this team showed how tight and efficient they can be and with some work on timing our dodges and selecting the right pass, they will hopefully flourish into and excellent team.

What a great start girls, well done and good luck for the rest of the season.

Squad – Charlotte Knights (Capt), Alice Longshaw, Stephanie Jackson, Cathy Murray, Anna Bazzoni, Amelia Carter, Lauren Lind.

Best player – Anna Bazzoni