This season sees the start of a new squad for the u16 team with several Year 11 players leaving last July.  Therefore the current Year 10 girls have had to step up a level and take their places in the Andover and District School Netball League.

The team started the season with a 16 – 9 victory against Testbourne, although could have won by a larger margin if their passing had been more accurate and shots had been executed.  That said, this was their first outing as a squad and at times they did show glimmers of their true potential.  With a little more practise they should do well this season.

Rebecca Parker made a good start in defence showing that she has matured into an intelligent netball player and can now read the game well.  She made some important and timely interceptions.
Kayleigh Kennedy was as busy as ever at goal attack and with a few more games under her belt will regain her shooting accuracy.
Laura Gilbank worked hard in mid court and when she gets used to playing with a new squad will thrive.

Well done girls!
Squad – Anna Murray (Capt),  Kayleigh Kennedy, Laura Gilbank, Hannah Catton, Maisie Franklin, Rebecca Parker, Ellie Vanderplank, Stephanie Villiers

Best player – Kayleigh Kennedy