Picture1On a beautiful sunny day on Friday 18th July 2008, Harrow Way Community School was visited by Gifted & Talented Students from some of the local primary schools. Joining us for a day of Performing Arts were students from Portway Junior School and Kimpton Primary School. The day was an absolute success with students first being taught by Mr Baxter ( Head of Performing Arts ) for an exciting Drama lesson.

After a well deserved break, students were put through their paces by Mr Sedgwick ( Head of Music ) who taught them Music.

During their lunch break, students were treated to a bit of fun and sport by Miss Escritt who brought out the football and basketballs for a game of indoor football and basketball.

After lunch, students were taught fantastic dance moves by Mrs Essop in the school gym, culminating with them performing a dance routine to a song by Justin Timberlake.