Sian Sorenson, Stephanie Villiers, Laura Gilbank, Kenneth Gates and Harry Crockford should feel very proud of themselves! They were selected by Miss Escritt and Mr Hudson as ambassadors for Harrow Way School and were able to accompany Miss Sturges, SSCO, to a leadership training session at Mountbatten School on Thursday 19th June.

Through their sessions on Thursday they were able to work alongside students from all the other Mountbatten Partnership schools, having fun with team challenges, improving their communication skills and developing activiites for students with disabilities. They also had a bit of spare time for some Rock-it Ball!

Friday was the day of the Parallel Games in which children with disabilities compete. The five Harrow Way students, who each received a Leadership Passport in recognition of their efforts, were able to lead and support at these Games. All were a credit to themselves and the school. Well done and thank you!