Thursday 10th July saw the arrival of Gary Holding from Streetsurfing U.K., twenty ‘Wave’ boards and a lot of safety equipment! All funded by the Big Lottery! Year 7 had great fun all morning trying to get to grips with the boards. They learned to balance and move their feet to keep the boards going. Some even mastered turning. Core strength and balance were quickly identified as very important! As was a sense of fun!

Year 7 quotes:


‘Absolutely brilliant!’

‘Where can I buy one?’

‘I want one for my birthday!’

Some students are known to have gone straight home that night checking out the Internet. To save the trouble of searching, check out their website:

Mr Wade was especially impressed with the cooperation within Year 7. All helped each other to put safety equipement on, as well as support their partner to get them started.

Miss Escritt and Mrs Woodrow were very keen to master streetsurfing! Miss Escritt was last seen travelling round all corners of the hall – maybe she needs one for her birthday?!

Pictures are of Year 7 with Gary Holding and Mr Wade, and of Year 8 girls with Miss Escritt and Miss Woodrow. Please use this link to view all photos.