All Year 9 students enjoyed their first experience of an enterprise day when John, Matthew and Patrick visited the school to lead the “Eden Project Construction Challenge”.

Following a presentation to describe the task before them in detail, students worked enthusiastically in teams to outline plan, design and construct an efficient structure capable of accommodating four members of the team.

The day was organised in collaboration with Tracey Hills of First Partnership, our local North Hampshire Business and Education Partnership, and everyone agreed that the event provided a worthwhile and instructive challenge.

After working on their construction projects throughout the morning session, much of the afternoon was dominated by presentations during which the teams each tried to convince judges that their structure was the most worthy of sponsorship.

The winning team is pictured right.

The day provided an excellent introduction to some key concepts in enterprise, focusing particularly on the importance in the world of work of problem-solving, teamwork and good communication skills.

“Well done and thanks” to the organisers, and “well done!” to all the participating Year 9 students.