year 7 citizenship002Here is a selection of year 7 artwork in the style of Adam Neate, created with Mrs Collins in Citizenship week.

year 7 citizenship004Adam Neate is a contemporary, London based artist, who paints onto cardboard, displaying it around the streets where he lives. His work can be seen on top of rubbish bags, or attached to lamp posts.

year 7 citizenship007For Adam Neate the art is in the making of the painting and the subject of the painting, so he doesn’t mind what happens to it after he has finished it. Good job, as it is sometimes destroyed by weather, or gathered up as rubbish. Although sometimes it is taken away by admirers.

year 7 citizenship003Adam Neate’s work brings up issues of how art is displayed inside and outside the gallery, and how you can use art to make a statement about the world we live in.