Ironman-athon 2008 011Thirty-two team members, mainly students from Harrow Way Community School, finished the Testway Transform Ironman Challenge in style.

It was the biggest challenge most of them had ever taken on, but with great team spirit and determination they all did it.

Ironman-athon 2008 049In just over three hours, the two teams of 16 completed a 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles cycling and a full 26.2 mile marathon between them. That’s 11 lengths swimming, 7 miles cycling and 2,700 metres running for each team member.

Most were overweight, fitness novices, who were unfit and lacking in confidence before they started the programme. For nine months, twice a week, they got out of their beds early in the morning to train as a group, even in the school holidays. They also pledged to train on their own during the week.

The VIP guest, John Goulding, was a true inspiration to the youngsters. At 73 years old, he regularly runs 10 miles and took part in the marathon relay on the day.

Ironman-athon 2008 028John said; “I’m really impressed by the commitment and dedication these young people have put in to achieve their goal. Their determination and team spirit got them through.” He presented the awards at the end of the day, giving everyone a pat on the back for their efforts.

The youngsters now feel happier, stronger and fitter and ready to take on new life challenges.