Colour Chemistry Transition 002On Friday 29th of February, Harrow Way Community School played host to 15 Year 5 pupils from local Primary Schools. Joining us for the day were Knights Enham, Portway, Appleshaw, Roman Way and Kimpton.
The day was arranged to help stretch the learning abilities of the Gifted & Talented pupils.  They arrived here at 9:00 am and were greeted by John Pawley, Lisa Phillimore and Sarah Hartley, our Year 9 Gifted & Talented Student Assistants.
An exciting day was planned for these fantastic pupils, which included a fascinating Science Lesson with Mrs Cunningham, a Mathematics lesson with Mr Mountain and an excellent Mind Mapping Skills lesson with Mrs Castell. In between all this, pupils had the opportunity, during their lunch break, to play badminton and basketball with Mrs Escritt’s help.

Please use this link to view some photographs with captions.

Science Lesson

Mrs Cunningham had a wonderful lesson on chemicals arranged for the pupils, which involved both a fun experiment and problem solving. Pupils were asked to carry out chemical reactions that involved colour changes. During the lesson, pupils were taught how to use a Bunsen burner safely. They carried out flame tests, showing that different metals burn with different coloured flames.
The final practical of the lesson was the ‘iodine clock’. This showed pupils how different concentrations of chemicals allow reaction to happen over a range of time.

Mathematics Lesson

Mr Mountain based his lesson on Speed; something which pupils really
enjoyed and they spent the hour solving many different problems. Students were asked to stretch their abilities by working in groups to solve problems relating to Speed. Pupils were taught how to use Graphical Calculators and how to create spreadsheets that could record their speed over a 20m sprint.

Mind Mapping Skills

Mrs Castell explained the importance of mind mapping to pupils. They learned how mind mapping was useful to them and left school with a fantastic laminated copy of the work they had done with Mrs Castell.

Throughout the day these well motivated pupils were fantastically well behaved and were keen to learn more. They were a pleasure to have at Harrow Way Community School.

The day was a huge success.  Thank you to all staff and helpers for their assistance.