DSCF0051Guess what? It’s sunny!

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Our students now resemble the animals at the zoo because they all have panda faces.  It’s been very hot today and we are so lucky because despite this, the snow has remained superb. 

The students were all tested by their instructors today to assess their IMG_1976standard of skiing so that they would all receive an award at the presentation.  Amazingly some students got a bit nervous about this, but the message they received from the staff was ‘Go for it; if you’re going to crash, crash in style!’  The students seemed to be crashing far less because of their improved skills, but a few are still managing to amuse us as they spin out of control or slide down the mountain on their backs.

IMG_1945One of the favourite areas to ski seems to be the ‘snow park’.  This is basically like a toboggan track that once you’re on it, you can’t get off, travelling at great speed and being thrown up the curved banking.  Although there are very few crashes, you never really feel that you are in control.  I guess that’s why the children like it so much.  Oh, to be an adrenalin junkie!

DSCF0089After a quick trip to the shops to buy the three, great instructors a thank you gift, the students were presented with their certificates of achievement.  The instructors commented on the students’ behaviour, which has been excellent all week, and how quickly they progressed.  Perhaps those dry slope sessions did the trick!

DSCF0077This evening the students have all been packing as tomorrow is our final day.  Saturday is going to be a busy day as we will have a full day’s skiing; we’ll have to vacate our rooms in the morning, return all of the ski equipment and fit 36 showers in between 3 rooms!  Mmmmmm!  Then have dinner, load the coach, say our goodbyes and prepare for the mammoth journey home!  Hopefully most people will sleep as they are all very tired. 

This will be our final diatribe, and we would like to say thank you to all our readers.