Day 4 of skiingGuess what?  It’s not been snowing!

This morning, we woke to glorious sunshine and the most perfect conditions.  Everyone was eager to get out and put their newly found skills into practice.

The groups dispersed with their new best friends, the instructors, and judging by the animated faces that returned at lunch, all had had an awesome time.  For the first time this week the students could see where they were going!  And YES, there was a mountain there!  If only the students could learn academically as quickly as they have learnt to ski, we would have a school full of Einsteins! 

Day 4 of skiingThe staff had great fun watching from the sides as the middle group attempted their first mogul field.  Within the first minute it looked like a car boot sale had taken place.  There were bodies, skis, poles and children all over the place, but what broad smiles!  Actually, for their first attempt, they did admirably.  Kayleigh K did an impression of a piste basher as she slid face first over the moguls.

The top group ventured to Val Thorens for the first time this week, which is the highest ski resort in Europe.  The snow was fantastic.  The students were extremely lucky to experience such perfect conditions.  This group ski at pace, and are usually happiest doing aerial jumps, not always landing successfully, but creating hoots of laughter and lots to talk about at dinner.

The beginners group got to the very top of the Mont de Chambre for the first time and enjoyed the long run back into Les Menuires.  (This is exactly 1000 vertical metres and 5 km in length.)  There were some tired legs by the end of the run!

Day 4 of skiingEvening entertainment was ‘bum boarding’, which involved sliding down the slopes on a plastic plate with a handle.  The students enjoyed racing against each other, even though their technique was questionable: some trying to win by fair or foul!  It’s the fastest Mr Hudson and Miss Escritt have ever seen students run the 100 metres!  Josh B was the master of the tea tray race.  A nice way to end such a good day!