Day 3Guess what it was doing this morning? …  Snowing!

It’s great having all this snow, but it would be nice to be able to see it.  Everyone has become very short-sighted and has a permanent stare on their face.  All the students look the same with their hats and goggles on … they are only recognisable by the colour of their gear.  We all have our heads in the clouds! 

Day 3Not content with the basic skills of skiing, the students have now progressed onto tricks.  The top group’s instructor, for some strange reason, insisted that they practised their falling’ by doing forward rolls in the deep snow.  Mr Hudson and Mr Hampton had to participate as they were skiing with the group at the time.  As the pair performed a synchronised attempt, they were heckled from the side lines and negative marks were given!  After a spectacular fall, Jake gets the prize for the longest slide down the mountain and collecting the most snow up his jacket. 

The middle group practised jumps.  The majority landed with style and finesse, but one or two took part in a different game … ‘see how far you can throw your skis and poles’!  The beginners group learnt how to perform 360 degree turns.  The final outcome was often a bout of horizontal skiing. 

After skiing, the students were all allowed to go on a shopping trip into the village, where 32 crepes were bought (just before dinner!).  The crepe man thought that he had died and gone to heaven! 

Day 3The dinner time entertainment was watching Danny T fall asleep at the table.  The real evening entertainment was a quiz organised by the SkiBound rep, Pat, and the eventual winners were Sam, Lee, Gavin and Luke.  To round off the evening there was a cup stacking competition (the photographs will make this clearer).  Lee was the victor, beating Ellie in the final.

Another successful day!