day3 003‘White World’ is what greeted the students as they woke up today! Over night, the ski gods had deposited about 18cm of new snow, and it was still snowing. The place looked so different and skiing conditions enabled their recently learned skills to be put into action in the nice soft snow. As they left the hotel they couldn’t resist the odd sly snowball being thrown, sometimes not so sly! Josh Barnett miss threw one, and somehow managed to hit Miss Escritt’s behind!! So she had to follow procedure and bury his face in the snow.

Everyone progressed well in the morning, making the most of the superb conditions. In the afternoon, the beginners were amazed to hear that they were being taken by their instructor, Wendy, to the top of the mountain, via the gondola.  The other two groups disappeared into the clouds where they learnt to ski with minimal visibility.  This requires a great deal of group cooperation otherwise you end up skiing into the person in front of you!  Needless to say a few people had their personal space invaded!

On their return from the slopes in the afternoon the students had their first visit to the supermarket, where they proceeded to spend their euros at a rate of knots. Boy, what a sugar rush!

Immediately after dinner it was straight into evening entertainment which meant a brief walk in the snow to the sports centre to play basketball and badminton.  The students felt the effects of hard activity at altitude and were shocked at how quickly they became tired.  Mrs Cook played basketball for the first time ever (and it showed) and looked like go-gadget with her long arms. 

By the time they had walked back from the sports centre they were exhausted and crying out for their beds.  Now they are all nicely tucked up in bed and should be asleep.

Sorry, no photos today as it was a whiteout!