After a fairly uneventful journey out, we are able to report that the group arrived safely in Les Menuires on schedule at 11:30 today.  The ferry trip was only a Paulton’s Park roller coaster ride, as opposed to a nail-biting heart-stopper.  Lewis knew nothing of the coach journey because he slept all the way (lucky boy).  In fact most people managed to get a bit of shut eye between 01:00 and 07:00.  There were no customers for the sick bucket, en-route. 

We had an early-morning breakfast stop at a Macon Service Station north of Lyon, where Mme Coin would have been proud of the attempts made by her French students to order an Assiette Simple .

On arrival at the resort everyone settled into their rooms, unpacked and tucked into a hearty lunch.  Then it was time for ski fitting, when the students were kitted out with boots, skis and poles for the duration of their stay.  Despite the overwhelming number of tired faces, the students coped very well with the laborious process.

After a super evening meal of lamb, rice and peas, the group experienced the tiring effects of trudging up the slope at high altitude, to watch a ‘ski aerials’ (jump) competition where they witnessed some high-quality crashes!

Now the little darlings are all tucked up in bed, no doubt dreaming of the adventures that are in store for them tomorrow.

P.S. It’s started to snow.