Harrow Way knew that they had to beat Rookwood if they were going to have a chance of winning the league after only drawing to Testbourne the previous day.  It was clear that the team was very nervous and hence did not perform anywhere near their real potential.

Rookwood led for most of the match and were leading by 4 goals 2 at half time.  After a pep talk at half time the girls slowed down the pace of their game and managed to make some good interceptions.  However they still made some careless errors with their passing and were rapidly running out of time.

In the final quarter, Harrow Way made a last ditch effort and managed to go one goal ahead in the last minute.

Finally the whistle blew for full time and Harrow Way breathed a sigh of relief.

This was certainly not one of the team’s better games and they need to be far more consistent if they wish to progress next year.

Rookwood battled well and were disappointed at the end after leading for the majority of the game.

A special mention must go to Charlotte Knights who tried to maintain a cool head and control the game.  Also to Amelia Carter who defended extremely well.

Team: Alice Longshaw, Steph Jackson, Charlotte Knights, Cathy Murray, Anna Bazzoni, Amelia Carter and Lauren Lind.