Harrow Way volunteers - click thumbnail to view more picsEnthusiastic Harrow Way students keen to help, started arriving from midday to help set up this annual event, organised by Karen Seymour, Andover Athletics Club coach.

Less than an hour later, the Sports Hall was buzzing with excitement, energy and noise as over thirty Year 5 and 6 children from four local schools were jumping and throwing – and over twenty Harrow Way volunteers were measuring, scoring or encouraging them.  Great speed bouncing, super javelin throws, lengthy long jumps and strong push throws!

Annual Sporthall Competition 2008A quick break, then onto the excitement of the races! As with the jumping and throwing, everyone in the team had to run in every race – speed with the one lap race, bit steadier when running three laps and endurance for the five laps.  

And last of all, the girls’ and boys’ relays – team work and speed the key!

A great afternoon was had by all! Tyler Phillips wrote: ‘It was a brilliant day out for all the schools. They all performed and behaved excellently!’

Portway Juniors - winnersFinal positions were:

1st: Portway Juniors

2nd: Kimpton

3rd: Shepherds Spring

4th: St Peter’s Appleshaw

Well done Heidi and her support team who were able to collate the scores and workout final positions – not the easiest job!

A huge thank you to Karen Seymour and to the Andover Athletics Club Coach Coordinator, June Taylor, who organised and ran this fantastic competition. Anyone interested in joining Andover Athletics Club can contact June on 01264 324626.

Annual Sporthall Competition 2008Well done to all the participants from the following four schools who jumped, threw and ran with a high level of effort, ability and enthusiasm:

From Kimpton: Tyler Hiscock, Archie Edmunds, Ben Emans, Robert Alexander, Chelsea Wickenden, Emily White, Bethany Jones and Heather Wyatt.

From Portway Juniors: Callum Jones, Jake Parker, Jordan Galvin, Daniel Jackson, Emily McFarlane, Holly Guiver, Victoria Wells and Cassie Weekes.

From Shepherds Spring Juniors: Sian Monk, Charlotte Heaton, Ashley Fairman, Abu Darda Hussian, Troy Scanlan, Mashuda Khatun and Paige Robinson.

From St. Peter’s Appleshaw: Shannon Nixon, Jodie Phillips, Thomas Henrys, Harrry Plummer, Alex Dunham, Sophie Bennie, Olivia Beard and Jordan Cope.

Thank you to all the twenty one Harrow Way students, from Year 7 to Year 11, including Sports Leaders and GCSE students, who voluntarily gave up their own time on a Day Closure, to return to school and support this event with their help, leadership and enthusiasm:

Josh Barnett, James Pawley, Amber Stubbs, Danielle Glendon, Hannah Catton, Alice Longshaw, Anna Bazzoni, Steph Jackson, Grace Howells, Ella Howells, Tom Longshaw, Kayleigh Parker, Shelena Woodley, Nicola King and Kyle McGregor.

Sports Leaders Ayisha Seal, Tyler Phillips, Bethan O’Brien, Heidi Hodgkinson, Rebecca Parker and Anna Murray have also earned another ‘stamp’ for their Leadership passport.