Top Link Conference Feb 08Kayleigh Kennedy, Rebecca Parker, Anna Murray and Alex Watson were excellent representatives of Harrow Way Community School when they accompanied Rhonda Sturges, SSCO, to a Day’s Conference. The day was for Sports Leaders from across the county to support them in organising their Top Link festival for primary children.

Arriving at the Nuffield Sports Centre, Portsmouth University, the girls were greeted by University leaders giving them a T-shirt and a goody bag!  Harriet Crombie, a sailor bidding for the 2012 Olympics, set the day off with an inspirational speech about the importance of volunteers.

By the end of the day, Kayleigh, Rebecca, Anna and Alex were equipped with the skills to organise a festival – Miss Sturges was equipped with the pack and the knowledge and skills to support them! But no T-shirt!

Feedback to the rest of the Sports Leaders was given the following week – the next step is to organise their own Top Link festival. Watch out Year 2 golfers!