train3On Tuesday 27 November Mrs Collins took a party of 15 year 8, talented artists to an art exhibition at the Great Hall in Winchester.  Some of the artwork was monumental in size and it was interesting to see the sculptures in such an unusual space.

artwork3Bill Woodrow’s work reflects his interest in the relationship that humans have with bees.  His sculptures provide elements which seem to create a story, but it is left up to the viewer to decide what he is trying to say.

introduction2Tony Hayward, a sculptor from Winchester, introduced the work to the students, who were then able to make work in response to what they had seen.  They were given a tray of materials, including wire, card, wooden discs and cling film and an assortment of tools including a wire cutter, hole punch and scissors.  Their brief was to make a palm-sized bee and a large bee using only what they had been given.  The results are now on show alongside Bill Woodrow’s, in the Great Hall, Winchester until 10 December 2007.

Mrs Collins will continue with the bee theme in after school sessions where the students can make their own work in response to the show. 

Student comments:

“I enjoyed this trip because it was a great experience to learn about other people’s art work.” Alice Longshaw

“I found the trip really fun because we don’t often do sculptures.” Anna Bazzoni

“It was a fun and interesting experience but we didn’t have a lot of time to make the bees.” Isabelle Mumford

“I enjoyed the day and my favourite part was when we made bees and when I got a sugar rush on the train.” Sophie Boyne