Garry Kennard visit 2On Friday 2 November 2007, Garry Kennard visited the Art Department and spoke to a year 10 GCSE group about his work.  He provided a PowerPoint presentation of his influences and brought in several oil paintings.  10E had already made a copy of one of his still life paintings in acrylic and had researched his work for homework.  Garry was very generous, answering their thoughtful questions and taking time to look at their coursework.  The students were able to hear first hand how he made the journey from initial ideas through to final outcome; a process which is key to the GCSE course. 

Some of the comments they made about Garry and his work;

“I thought that Garry’s work was very original and stood out from the rest of the artists.”

“I love the way Garry Kennard uses coloured background, it is effective and exciting.”

“I like the way he makes his paintings look 3D by adding shadows.”

“I like the way that Garry Kennard separates the realistic and detailed foreground object, with the abstract background using a black line which is drawn around the object.”

You can see more of Garry’s work on