‘Zone 11’ is the school’s study support facility for Year 11 that started on Thursday 1 November, the aim of which is to help Year 11 students achieve their full potential at GCSE. ‘Zone 11’ will run from 6.00-8.00pm every Thursday and will essentially consist of one hour doing GCSE coursework/homework followed by one hour of leisure activities.  The students will also be provided with fish and chips or sausage and chips at the end of the evening.  ‘Zone 11’ will be supervised by teaching staff.  For further information and to view a copy of the letter sent home in October, please use the following link.    Zone 11 study support facility dates

Two information evenings are being held in January for parents/carers of Year 11 students who would like to help and support their children throughout this stressful period.  Please use the following link for further details.  Helping Your Child to Succeed at GCSE

The following links will take you to the timetable of Year 11 Revision Classes and provide you with a copy of Year 11 coursework requirements. Zone 11 Revision Classes 2007-08


  1. Regularly check your child’s Student Diary for details of homework and their bag for important letters. 
  2. Display the coursework sheet in a prominent place to help your child to ensure deadlines are met and that coursework is of the best quality possible the first time round.
  3. Regularly discuss school work with your child and any concerns they may have.
  4. Plan a revision timetable well in advance of the examinations.  (Recommendation is for 1 hour per day starting at the beginning of the Easter holidays.)
  5. Encourage them to attend  Zone 11 Revision Classes 2007-08 in the subjects they are finding most difficult.