The Harrow Way Year 7 netball team played against John Hanson.  We started the season on top form with a cracking 13 – 2 victory (unlucky for some, but NOT for us!).  The goals were split between Anna-Leigh Brookes, Lydia Moulding and Ky’z Van-Patten.  Our defence dominated JH’s attack, preventing them from scoring.  Well done!

The best player on court had to be Anna-Leigh (Capt) who had just recovered from a sprained finger.  Well done to all the team, but, what we must remember to do is get in front of our markers and find space.

Match report by Ella Howells.

Team:  Anna Leigh Brookes,  Lydia Moulding,  Jessica Wilson,  Clara Franklin,  Bethany Collyer Smith,  Ella Howells and Ky’z Van-Patten