Harrow Way Year 8 school netball team started their season in excellent form by beating John Hanson 15 goals to 1. In their second year in the Andover and District Schools netball league, they set the standard for the other teams to strive for.  This team is maturing well, linking their moves together nicely.  Anna Bazzoni was superb in defence and, combined with her excellent passing skills, linked well with the attack.  Cathy Murray worked very hard in centre court and dominated the area.  All that was left to do was for the shooters, Steph Jackson and Alice Longshaw, to pop the goals in; which they did with ease.  This team has the potential to do very well if they develop their skills and tactics in training. 

Star player Anna Bazzoni for her solid defending.

Match report by Stephanie Jackson

Team:  Alice Longshaw,  Steph Jackson, Anna Chattell, Cathy Murray,  Anna Bazzoni,  Lauren Lind,  Amelia Carter and Kim Willis