2004_0417mod40005The images that can be viewed by following this link show Mrs Collins’ new year 10 GCSE students taking part in a ‘Body as drawing machine’ workshop.  On their very first lesson the students got involved in a range of drawing exercises helping them to appreciate that different marks can be made by using their body in different ways. 

2004_0417mod40003Firstly, they tried drawing with the wrong hand, drawing blind, drawing with a pencil in each hand, and using a continuous line.  Then, on a large sheet of paper they made marks by moving from their fingers only, then from their wrist, next their elbow and then their shoulder.  This created different lengths and strengths of line. 

Mvc-005sFinally they extended their body by attaching paint brushes to sticks.  These were used with an extended arm and then their mouth.  Great fun, although a bit messy, but a neat way to understand how to free up your body for drawing and make more expressive marks.  These exercises gave the students confidence to complete a large scale chalk drawing using a limited palette.  This work is included as part of their ‘Natural Forms’ unit for GCSE Art & Design. 

The artist Garry Kennard will be visiting the department on Friday 19 October to talk about his work and show the students some of his paintings.