Pre School 13-6-07 032Over the last few weeks Year 8 students in Mrs Collins’ art class have been working with children from Harrow Way Pre-school helping them to make and paint clay sunflowers and pea-pods.

During their first session the children came to the art room and paired up with a Harrow Way student who helped them to roll out and cut the clay into a flower shape using a template.  The students had to hold the knives with the children so that they did not injure themselves. 

Pre School 13-6-07 018Many of the young children had difficulty making the sunflowers and had to be helped more than the students had anticipated.  However, they succeeded in decorating the flowers with lines and dots.

A couple of weeks later the Harrow Way students visited the pre-school and took the, now fired, sunflowers and pea-pods with them.  The pre- school children had their large paintbrushes and paint at the ready. Because the  brushes were so large, painting any detail was tricky, but in the end the children were all pleased with their results.

Pre School 13-6-07 064Once finished and the paint washed from the infants’ little hands, the Year 8 students returned to their classroom where they decided that working with the pre-school children had been great fun and very enjoyable!

Written by Lisa Phillimore and John Pawley