TRA250607-49lrI recall in my last Head’s corner my optimistic comments about looking forward to warm sunshine for a few months.  How wrong can one be?  Perhaps we should be optimistic now about the possibility of some seasonal weather during the summer break and maybe even an Indian Summer later on!

This is my ninth Head’s Corner and marks the end of my third year as Headteacher at Harrow Way Community School.  When I look back over the academic year it is difficult to comprehend how we have managed to fit everything in since last September.  Indeed, these last three years have simply flown by – we have achieved so much and yet there is still so much more work to do.

‘Artsmark gold’ Application
Readers may recall my describing our application in my last article.  I am delighted to report here that one of the most significant achievements for us this year is the fact that it has now been confirmed that we have indeed been awarded the Artsmark gold status.  This is testament to our high quality support and provision for the Arts at Harrow Way and a real credit to our staff, students and our arts community.  We received the award officially in late June and we look forward to some media coverage in due course.

New students
Parents will be aware already of the fact that as we become increasingly successful so we become increasingly popular with our families and that we are again full in next year’s Year 7.  We held a very successful Induction Day for our new September intake last Tuesday and it was great to meet so many parents new to Harrow Way on that evening.  We are all looking forward to working with our new families from September.  The school year begins for all students on Wednesday 5th September at 8.45 am.

We are very sorry this term to say goodbye to Miss Lily Bull who has been a very successful and popular teacher of Art at Harrow Way for the last three years.  Miss Bull is leaving us to go and live abroad – personally I think she has been tuning in to the long range weather forecast for this country.  Miss Claire Poole, Learning Support Assistant also left us earlier this term and we wish her well for her future studies and continued career at The Grateley School.  Readers will be aware from my last Head Corner that we will be welcoming Mrs Hilary Delany to the Post of Head of Religious Education and Citizenship from September.  Since publishing that article we have appointed four additional staff for September; they are Mr Daniel Holmes to the post of Head of Science, Mr Jonathan Mann to the post of English teacher, Mrs Jenny Gibbs to the post of Art teacher and Mr Simon Clune to the post of History teacher.  We have also added to our highly valued Learning Support Team with the appointment during the term of Mr Ian Ashbolt, Mrs Jo Catton, Mrs Karen Wilson and Mrs Lisa Henley as Learning Support Assistants.  Readers may spot that Mrs Catton has moved to Learning Support from her role as Technician supporting the Science Department.  We have filled that vacancy and are pleased therefore also to welcome Mrs Laura Pearson.

Head Boy and Head Girl Appointments
We recently held interviews for these positions and I am delighted to announce that we have been able to appoint Josh White as Head Boy and Kayleigh Parker as Head Girl.  These posts will be held for one year.  Their deputies are Matt Burgess and Sophie Cox.  Warm congratulations to all four students! As leaders of our student body, they will hold positions of considerable responsibility.  I would also like to include at this point my thanks and appreciation to outgoing Head Girl, Victoria Allmark and Head Boy, Scott Taylor and their deputies, Max Barnett and Nicola Stead.  All four have fulfilled their responsibilities with real commitment and have continued to uphold the high standards that these positions require.

In my last Head’s Corner I promised details of the summer holiday programme of works, some of which are taking place to cater for our expanding school.  They are: 

  • The creation of an additional classroom in the modern languages corridor;
  • The creation of a new meetings room adjacent to my office;
  • The refurbishment and expansion of the Music Department;
  • The renovation and refurbishment of the girls toilets in the main block;
  • Redecoration and carpeting of the Gymnasium office;
  • New sinks and drinking water supply in the Community Centre for our pre-school children;
  • New ovens in the kitchen;
  • The purchasing of dining room tables and chairs;
  • General redecoration around the school, beginning with the Science Department corridor.

Harrow Way Community School Association (HWCSA)
Association events this term have included a Bingo and Fish & Chips Evening in April and a Family Quiz night in June.  We are always looking for new members and if you are interested please contact the Chairman, John Loftus on or Secretary, Jo Bacon, on, or Mrs Belsey at school on 01264 364533.

School Website
If you haven’t already done so, can I please recommend to you again our website at  A visit there will reveal details of amongst other things, our recent Ironman Challenge, organised by Vice-Chair of Governors, Mrs Paula Deverill, our hugely successful Year 11 Leavers Prom, made all the more successful by the creative efforts of Mrs Jan Cunningham and her team, and the LeJog event earlier this term which was a fundraiser for the more ambitious Lands End to John O’Groats cycling events being undertaken during the forthcoming summer break by some of our staff,in support of the Rainbow Trust .

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all readers a happy and restful summer break.

Mr C Currie Headteacher—July 2007