Youth Speaks 002Following their hard fought victory on January 29th, our winning Youth Speaks team proceeded to the group round on Saturday 10th February.

The team was once again made up of the winning formula: Archie Burbidge as Chairperson, Nicola Stead as Speaker and Michael Glover as Proposer of Vote of Thanks.

It turned out to be a long afternoon. The senior teams that had won their respective regions were mostly made up of college and sixth form students and consequently the competition was even tougher than we had encountered before.

Nicola once again argued whether ‘British Teenagers are the Worst in Europe’ but despite yet another confident and audience-engaging delivery from the team, it was not quite enough to lift the Group title and proceed to the District Final.

I am extremely proud of all three members of the team who behaved with maturity and professionalism throughout the afternoon.