GroupIn October this year, 35 students accompanied by Mrs Vanderplank, Mrs Coe, Mr Warren and Mme Coin enjoyed a 5 day trip to Paris.
We travelled by coach going through the Channel Tunnel, and were met at the Chateau de Grande Romaine by PGL staff.  After dinner on the first night the groups did a little problem solving – and some actually managed to have their egg land intact after being parachuted out of the second floor window!
The first morning was spent climbing, abseiling, outdoor problem solving or doing archery, but after lunch we ‘hit’ Paris and interviewed a few French people on topics such as their lunch break or cars, with mixed results.
The Eiffel Tower was unbelievably busy, but we doggedly queued and made it to the top and back in time for our evening river cruise and the 8 o clock sparkly Eiffel Tower show!
On Wednesday we visited the moving Jewish monument near Notre Dame, and then visited the cathedral.  There was a medieval market outside followed by a walk over the bridge to the Louvre and lunch in the Tuileries gardens.
We hopped onto the Metro to take us up the Champs Elysées, and then walked up the spiral stone steps, hundreds of them, to the top of the Arc de Triomphe.  James Bacon marvelled at some of the names of the war dead during that time!
On to the Metro again and up to Montmatre (Moulin Rouge area) and into the beautiful Sacré Coeur. Then a few brave people had their portraits done while the teachers had a welcome café au lait!
On Thursday we were late getting to Versailles because of the traffic, but an hour’s bike ride around the grounds cheered everyone up.
This was a super group of young people to go to Paris with.  They were interested and participated so well in all the activities.  The staff had their jobs made easier by such a lovely attitude and cooperation.
By Mme Coin