Middle Wallop Museum of Army FlyingThis Art trip took place on Friday 2 February 2007.  Harrow Way would like to thank George Moore, from the museum and Lucy Salisbury from the sculpture park for the very warm welcome extended to the GCSE group.  It was a very successful day which allowed the students to collect valuable visual information for their ‘Made Forms’ coursework unit.

Prizes were awarded to the following students, who each receive a certificate and small prize.

Best drawing at Middle WallopGathering visual information
Daniel Paxton White
Sian James
Kisselle Akwei

Most creative pages at Middle Wallop
Leah Ward
Kayleigh Parker
Charlotte Raw

Best drawing at Roche CourtSelection of sketchbook drawings
Laura Shears
Kayleigh Parker
Jordan Brooks

Most creative pages at Roche Court
Charlotte Day
Rebecca Thorne
Charlotte Raw