It was much harder to wake the children up this morning. Fatigue has set in.  However, after their breakfast, the bleary eyes disappeared and the sparkle soon crept back.  What exciting things did their instructors have in store for them today?
The beginners group went off to conquer the Mont De Chambre, which had amazing snow, allowing them to groom their turns to perfection.  This group has progressed from being barely able to stand up on their skis to comfortably coming down a blue run with finesse!  
The middle group, which consists of all girls, have sped around the resort at a rate of knots, convincing their instructor with their charm, to take them off-piste.
26zThe extreme skiers, AKA the lads, went in search of the jumps.  Elliott Binks found out he had gymnastic talents when he scored 9/10 for his unintentional somersault!  James Bacon also took a ‘roll’ on the ski-cross, the lads’ favourite haunt of the week. 
On our return from the slopes, the ski instructors came to our hotel to present the students with their certificates. 
Everyone is looking forward to a picnic on the piste tomorrow, as we are having a whole day’s skiing without a break.  Leg muscles will feel the ‘burn’!
Tonight we are mingling with the other school who share our hotel, at a club in town.  Disco gear is being adorned as we write; the girls are putting on their sparkly clothes and the boys’ aftershave can be smelt, wafting down the corridor, which is much better than the smells that have emanated from their rooms previously.
Off we go to dance round our handbags.