5888Wow … what a perfect day!  We have been blessed!  Sunny blue skies, fantastic snow and an action packed day.
Everybody was ready and eager to go after they had woken and looked out the window to see what perfect conditions were outside.
The middle group ventured miles to St Martin de Belleville, a pretty little village at the extreme edge of the resort.  They arrived back at lunch time, tired but thrilled with the miles they had put in.
The beginners group were equally pleased with their progress as they had been to the top of the mountain for the first time and were stunned at the panoramic views to be had on such a perfectly clear day. Even seasoned skiers like Miss Escritt and Mr Hudson have said that it is so rare and lucky to have such a perfect combination of sun and snow. 
The top group ventured into the ‘ski-cross’ area, a sort of race track for skiers with jumps and banked curves.  They showed no fear at all and managed to persuade their instructor to take them up and down it, many times. In their words, “What a buzz!”  They certainly are a bunch of adrenalin junkies!
Nicky King provided today’s entertainment by getting herself entangled in the orange netting at the side of the track and taking absolutely ages to dig herself out.
Evening entertainments started with a trip to the shops for those who had the energy.  Zoe Cox insisted on going as she had to have her daily fix of a chocolate crepe.  Where does she pack it away?  This was shortly followed by a trip to “Lugeland”.  Always a popular activity as it involves squeezing yourself into a tyre type doughnut and hurling yourself down a manmade course of banked walls and sharp bends.  And, if you’re lucky, you manage to stop at the bottom before flying off into oblivion. There were a lot of delighted squeals of laughter and even some of fear, we feel.
After this, we all went back to a fantastic beef roast, which was most welcome after such a tiring day.
As we speak, a few die-hards are quietly watching a DVD downstairs and the others have opted for an early night.
Tomorrow the students are to take their ski tests to assess their level of attainments.  They will then receive their certificates tomorrow from their instructors in the evening.