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French Food Day

January 13th, 2017 Comments off

Students and staff are continuing their gastronomic travels around the globe next week, with a French themed menu on Thursday. We look forward to sampling ‘la cuisine francaise’. View the menu here.

Harrowwarts School of Wizardry and Literacy Champions

January 4th, 2017 Comments off

Harrow Way students took inspiration from J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter for a week focusing on their ‘literacy DNA strands,’ championing the importance of reading, writing and communication. Throughout the week students enjoyed a variety of activities from a trip to the Warner Brother Studio, other themed lessons and trips, concluding with the school transforming itself into ‘Harrowwarts School of Wizardry’ for their annual Harry Potter Day.

Graeme Fluellen, Assistant Headteacher at Harrow Way (and Head of Harrowwarts one day a year) explained the importance of the week: “Enrichment days, both in school and out of school, are always thought about very carefully. Although we want experiences to be fun there is always a purpose to the opportunities we provide. Exploring the ways we communicate and use language is incredibly important and we are continuously looking for different ways to bring literacy and other learning to life for our students.” Read more…

A Day in Chocolate Heaven for Harrow Way Students

January 4th, 2017 Comments off

Harrow Way Food Technology students were given a unique insight into the nation’s favourite chocolate brand* when 47 Year 9s visited Cadbury World recently. Here they learned all about the origins of cocoa beans, the chocolate production process and Cadbury’s history of pioneering advertising.

Emma Law, Design Technology Teacher explains the value and purpose of the visit: “It’s very easy, when you see products neatly displayed in shops to be ignorant to their provenance. As Food Technology students it is important to understand the origins of food, its journey and the process it goes through from farming through to being beautifully packaged, lined up on a shelf”. Read more…

Harrow Way Recognised for High Standard of Training for Teachers

January 4th, 2017 Comments off

Striving for the highest quality in teaching and learning is the bedrock at Harrow Way with the school always looking to develop and grow their teachers. Their commitment to professional training has been recognised by the Teacher Development Trust Network (TDTN), who has awarded the school their prestigious Bronze Award.

Headteacher Michael Serridge commented on the importance of continually improving the standards of teaching and learning at the school said “To quote educational expert Dr Dylan William, ‘If we can create a culture where every teacher believes that they need to improve, not because they are not good enough but because they can do even better, there is no limit to what we can achieve’. That’s the philosophy here at Harrow Way, no matter how good our results get and how well our students do, we will continually strive to improve the standards of teaching here by ensuring we have the very best teachers. And the way we will achieve this is by investing in their professional development”. Read more…