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Community Sport

May 26th, 2016 Comments off

A reminder that there are sports sessions, from 2–4pm taking place every Tuesday in the school holidays at Pilgrims Way Open Space, running from February to October half term, co-ordinated by Test Valley Community Leisure.

Details are available here.

“A Picture is Worth 1000 Words”

May 24th, 2016 Comments off

“A Picture is Worth 1000 Words” is a House writing competition, where students had to use a photograph as inspiration to write a story.

Congratulations to Lucy Ward on winning the writing competition for Hawks! The level of competition was very high but Lucy managed to pip the post over the other finalists, Makayla Easen (Kestrels), Taya Hethershaw (Hawks) and Chris Scott (Kestrels).

Here is the opening from the winning entry:

The path is a back alley, with green plants unfurling their leaves over the path in a surprisingly artistic mess. I take this path every day to get home, and as usual, my hands are shoved in my pockets and head ducked down against the glare of the sun.

House Points: Buzzards – 10, Kestrels – 110, Hawks – 210

Mexican Themed Food

May 20th, 2016 Comments off

On Thursday 26th May, the canteen are offering a Mexican Themed lunch – items on offer include Tacos and Vegetable Enchiladas. View the full menu here.

A-Fest – Andover’s Music Festival

May 17th, 2016 Comments off

a-festAndover’s family-friendly live music event returns to Andover High Street on Sunday 29th May 2016. The best of Andover’s music scene will provide the musical backdrop to the free event that promises to provide an afternoon of entertainment for all the family. First strum on a guitar string will be at 2pm with live music throughout Sunday afternoon.

With family-fun top of the agenda there will be lots to entertain visitors including a number of fairground rides and a climbing wall. Local community groups will also be putting on displays and activities for all the family.

Headteacher’s Blog – Week 30 – Challenging Injustice

May 17th, 2016 Comments off

8CDS tried to explain what the EU Referendum was about that is happening on Tuesday 23rd June 2016, how it would impact us and the rest of Europe. Here they gave positives and negatives for both sides of the debate. All the students took part in the assembly with Lauren and Abigail writing the script and designing the presentation. Within our tutor group we voted on this issue.
– 81% Decided To Stay
– 19% Wanted To Go

Here are some quotes from the group:
‘We should leave because we are giving a huge amount of money to Europe and we are losing the majority of it.’
‘If we leave we will be in danger because we will have no help.’ Read more…

‘Hole in One!’ – Outstanding Leadership at the Year 3/4 Tri Golf Tournament

May 13th, 2016 Comments off

2Fourteen of Harrow Way’s finest Sports Leaders gave up many hours of their own time to practise and then lead the annual Year 3/4 Tri Golf Tournament. Seven stations were expertly set up; all leaders then ensured they knew how to lead, how to encourage and how to accurately score their station.

All six of our young teams from Portway Junior, Endeavour and Knights Enham Junior arrived early, keen to start practising their putting and chipping before the competition started. Four putting games and three chipping games followed, with the noisiest station being led by Jessica and Amelia. Their ‘Skill for Life’ was ‘Encouragement’ and they ensured all members of the teams encouraged each other fantastically… and VERY noisily! Read more…

Harrow Way to train all staff and students in basic CPR

May 11th, 2016 Comments off

CPR (2)With the support of the British Heart Foundation ‘Nation of Lifesavers’ initiative, Harrow Way has undertaken the ambitious target of training every student and member of staff at the school in basic CPR life support by the end of the year.

More than 30,000 cardiac arrests happen out of hospital in the UK each year and less than one in ten of these people survive. As a result of this training there will be 1,000 more people in the Andover community that will know how to save a life by the end of 2016. Read more…

Harrow Way students explore Higher Education at The University of Winchester

May 11th, 2016 Comments off

Harrow Way Community School Year 10 students have been given a taste of Higher Education following a trip to The University of Winchester. The day of lecturers, tours and meeting undergraduates was designed to inspire the students to start considering their future and the role university could play in helping them achieve their ambitions.

Head of Year 10 Lawrie Carter said: “Although university is a number of years away for these students it is important that they start to think about their future now. They all thoroughly enjoyed the visit and can now visualise what ‘being at university’ looks and feels like. We want students to aim high and achieve the best they can and the planning for that starts here, at Harrow Way. They have seen what could await them if they work hard and continue with their studies.” Read more…

Headteacher’s Blog – Week 29 – Challenges

May 9th, 2016 Comments off

This week we have taken a slightly different view on Article 14 and looked at our responsibility to ensure that we are only involved in accurate and helpful information. We have looked at how easy it is to join in with rumours and spread gossip and that the challenge is to not do this. We want to be a community where we take care of our own and others reputations. Challenges

Headteacher’s Blog – Week 28 – EU Referendum

May 9th, 2016 Comments off

This weeks assemblies were looking at the upcoming EU Referendum vote. Assistant Headteacher, Miss Lowing, looked at the reasons for and against leaving the EU, in preparation of our upcoming vote in school. Assembly Presentation.

As the EU debate gathers pace, we aim to raise the profile of this momentous decision and, most importantly, attempt to inform our students as to what it might mean for Great Britain. When they vote on 22nd June, it won’t influence the outcome – but they will at least be able to make an informed decision and have their own say.