Harrow Way Community School has unveiled its new Student Leadership Team for 2022/23. During a special assembly the school announced the successful applicants including Head Boy Tom Bedwell, Head Girl Luana Reidy, and their deputies Alicia Whitehouse, Keira Spear and Aaron Lane.

Commenting on the new Student Leadership Team, Victoria Ford, Year Leader for Year 10 said: ”Senior prefects play an important role at Harrow Way and they add real value to our school community. The number of students putting their names forward for these positions of responsibility is, as ever, very impressive, which makes the final decision-making all the more difficult. Our congratulations to everyone appointed, we know they are all going to carry out their important duties well and we look forward to working alongside this new Student Leadership Team.”

The prefect recruitment process is particularly rigorous at Harrow Way with interested students invited to express their interest before being shortlisted for group interviews. They were also required to give a brief presentation as part of their application and take part in a round table discussion about the specific role prefects play and blue sky thinking questioning the issues relevant to young people today.

In addition to their Student Leadership duties the new team are also responsible for managing the team of Prefects (Year Team Liaison, Sport, Equality, Enrichment and Extracurricular, Environment, Literacy, Student Council, Year 7 Transition and Digital Ambassadors).

Thomas Bedwell, new Head Boy at Harrow Way said: “I am excited to be representing the school and welcoming in new Year 7s in September. The Prefect team is working to improve the school from a student’s point of view and to make everyone feel welcomed and part of our community. I hope that with my impact on the school, every student will have a great experience throughout their time at Harrow Way and will go on to become well-rounded great individuals.”

New Head Girl Luana Reidy also commented, saying: “I feel honoured to be leading this school through the next year, with the help of the other Senior Prefect team members. I’m excited to be involved in the different angles of the school, figuring out how we can continue to make our school a better place. My Harrow Way experience is going to be one that I’ll proudly never forget, my aim is to make the rest of the school feel exactly the same way! We’re excited to meet and welcome the new year 7s and we hope that their experience only gets better throughout their time here.”