Harrow Way has given every student in Years 7 to 10 in the school a high quality reading book as part of its newly introduced tutor reading programme. Every day, during tutor time, students now enjoy sustained reading which will support the work they are doing across a range of subjects.

Commenting on the programme Jonathan Mann, Assistant Headteacher and Curriculum Leader for English said: “There are many reasons why reading is good for us. Reading builds vocabulary; it helps to reduce stress and anxiety and it can aid restful sleep. You can find magic in a book and, as Dr Seuss reminds us, ‘The more you read the further you will go.’ You cannot overestimate the importance of reading and the magic in stories which is why we have put in place this reading programme.”

By encouraging the students to read both independently and with their form tutor, the school is seeing students engage with and explore more ambitious and unfamiliar words which will enhance their vocabulary whilst also improving their communication skills.

The new programme has had a very successful start. Mr Mann continues: “We have had a fantastic start with all of our Year 7 to10 students engaging with some wonderful stories while also improving their knowledge and understanding of words.”

For the launch of the programme all Year 7s are reading The Devil Walks by Anne Fine, Year 8s were given Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver, Year 9s received The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett and all Year 10s are reading Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry by Mildred D Taylor.

The programme will continue into the next term with all tutor groups receiving a new text.

Mr Mann concludes: “We are relentlessly driving this programme because it has the potential to really impact on the communication skills of Harrow Way’s students.”