Dear Parent/Carer 

As you will be aware, on Monday the Prime Minister shared with the nation his plans for easing the Coronavirus situation. On Tuesday afternoon the Secretary of State for Education also shared with schools the steps that will be taken which will include easing of restrictions from students having to self-isolate, the use of face coverings and on-site testing at the beginning of the new academic year. 

From a school perspective, all the measures we are currently taking, which includes isolation of students where positive tests occur (thankfully we have had very few), will continue until the end of term. It was made clear by the Secretary of State for Education that this should be the case. We have just more than two weeks left of this academic year and I would simply remind you and urge you to follow current guidance, and ensuring your child regularly tests at home. These measures continue to make a difference in ensuring we can operate as a school in a coherent fashion. 

We are now working through the Department for Education guidance in terms of school reopening and the precautions we will need to take for the new academic year. What is clear is that at the start of the academic year, students will require two on-site Lateral Flow Tests. This may well require some logistical planning over the next two weeks. Please rest assured we aim to write to parents before the term finishes to share these plans and the impact it will have on student return days in September. As ever, we ask for your patience and support as this is managed in school.  

It has also been made clear to schools that the vast majority of restrictions will no longer apply in the new academic year. We are hopeful that this will ensure students have a more consistent time in school and do not need to be isolated, as has been the case this year.  

It remains essential that we are disciplined in the run up to the end of the academic year. We simply ask that we continue to abide by local and national guidelines. 

Thank you as ever for your ongoing help and support. 

M J Serridge