We are delighted to share with you our Senior Prefect Team for the coming year.

We began this process when we returned to school in March. We asked students to submit letters of applications to indicate their interest in leading our school. Over half the year group had applied! During the interview process, we were utterly enchanted by the calibre of students’ answers and thoughtful arguments. We had some very difficult decisions to make.

We were so proud of the students’ conduct throughout this process. To commend the students who had applied (because 120 applications is worth celebrating!), they were all offered doughnuts at break on Tuesday. A small consolation prize as not everyone could be offered a post.

For the students who have been selected, we would like to offer our warmest congratulations. Students have received their ties, which they can wear with pride. They will take up their posts on the first day after half term, Monday 7th June. We look forward with confidence to working with them.