Former Harrow Way head boy Mark Todd returned to the school this week having successfully completing his Masters degree at the University of Oxford. Mark, who studied physics at the UK’s top university, visited the school to meet Headteacher Michael Serridge and current students.

Commenting about his time at Harrow Way and how it helped him forge a successful path to Oxford he said: “One thing I really liked about Harrow Way was the amount of subject choice we were given. I was able to choose subjects I really enjoyed, and ultimately this meant I found myself studying not just for exams but because I liked what I was studying. At Oxford this was vital as I often found a direct correlation between my enjoyment of a topic, and my success in it!”

Mark attended St Catherine’s College, which is the largest college within Oxford University. Having been fascinated by science fiction when younger he opted to study physics at university. He admits choosing a university was the more difficult decision and was actually hesitant to apply to Oxford: “If someone had said to me when I was at school, one day I would be a University of Oxford graduate, I’m not sure I’d have believed it! I suppose I just took things one step at a time – if you concentrate on each small goal then it seems easier.”

Commenting on the outstanding success of his former head boy, Headteacher Michael Serridge said: “It was wonderful to see Mark again and hear of his time at Oxford. I hope his story will inspire Harrow Way students to believe in themselves and have the conviction to follow their dreams. We certainly give them a good grounding and quality all-round education that they are well placed and prepared to apply to the very top universities.”

Mark is currently working for a software programming start-up and is enjoying branching out. He’s also considering taking a PhD in Physics while he explores his options for the future. With regard to long term career plans he said: “I suppose ultimately I think finding something you really enjoy is the most important thing, and that’s what will drive my career.”