Harrow Way Community School Year 10 students recently got a serious study skill boost with Elevate Education. The award-winning experts delivered two of their specialist workshops which are designed to improve student performance through high impact study skills.

Two of their presenters, both recently graduated from university, joined the Year 10 students to deliver Study Sensai and Student Elevation. Dawn German, Assistant Headteacher – Raising Standards Leader, explains further: “Strong and effective study skills are incredibly important for today’s students. They need to know how to structure their notes, improve their memory, how to learn independently and use practice papers effectively. These skills are vital for effective GCSE preparation and were all incorporated into the Study Sensai session. However for all these skills to be truly effective students also need to be motivated and that’s something they can work on too as this is also an essential element in examination success.”

For the Student Elevation workshop students looked at how to motivate themselves; the importance of self-belief; how to increase their motivation and how to break goals into manageable tasks.

Feedback from students show the sessions were incredibly beneficial with student Archie commenting that: “It’s actually made me want to study more!” and another student reflecting: “I’ve learned much more than I thought I would. I’ve really enjoyed these sessions. The presenter was so cool too.”

Elevate Education has been delivering their programmes throughout the UK since 2013. Having benchmarked the study habits of thousands of past students, their award-winning seminars cover the techniques utilised by the country’s top students. Their experience demonstrates that any student can improve performance by tapping into, and replicating, these techniques.

Dawn German concludes: “We are delighted that students found the sessions motivating and helpful. Several even asked hopefully if we would invite the presenters back. The good news is that we will ask them to work with the students again just before their Mock exams next spring.”