Dear Parents/Carers,

I am writing to you following yesterday evening’s announcement that as of midnight we are entering a national lockdown, this means schools will remain closed until February half term, hopefully reopening on Monday 22nd February 2021.

Whilst I am aware this will be difficult for many of you, given the latest statistics this is completely the right decision to protect your family. 

Year 11 have also had the devastating news that exams in the normal format are cancelled; however, it is essential they continue to work and attend lessons, as what they do in these will influence their GCSE awarded grades. As yet we have had no indication of how GCSE’s will be awarded, therefore Year 11 must continue to work as if GCSE’s were taking place. School has not finished for Year 11 – they still have 6 months left.

We will be cancelling the Year 11 parents evening scheduled for next Thursday 14th January and will rearrange after half term when we have clear guidance on how GCSEs will be awarded in 2021.

I will update you as and when we have any further guidance but I felt it was imperative that I write to you today to clarify the situation.

Please be aware that this means the government’s guidance has changed and it is vital that we follow the advice:

Stay at home, Save lives, Protect the NHS

  • Stay at home wherever possible
  • Only go out for essential reasons including food and medical needs
  • Limit exercise to once per day, close to home
  • Maintain social distancing


We will continue with our weekly enews, send key information via email and also post information on our website.

‘Remote Learning’  

We had a very successful first day of ‘Remote Learning’ with very high student engagement in lessons, but I am also acutely aware that some of our Year 7 families will be worried at something that may be different from their experience at primary schools. May I take this opportunity to reinforce that these lessons are not optional and attendance registers are taken for each lesson, as per normal school. Non-attendance may see further action being taken. 

Students need to begin their studies again on Monday 4th January. They will be learning remotely, with a combination of ‘Live Lessons’ and ‘Pre-recorded’ lessons. Students should follow their usual timetable and complete the work at home for the subject they would be doing in that time at school in Week A. They should check Satchel/Show My Homework each morning which will have important communications about their work including invites to lessons. If you or your child has any concern related to work in a particular subject then please contact their teacher using the contact list on our website. If you are having trouble accessing Show My Homework or have any other general questions about remote learning then please contact Miss Lowing:

All students in Year 7, 8, 9,10 and 11 have received an email from Miss Lowing outlining the remote learning arrangements. Can you please remind your son/daughter to check their school email account?

Key Worker Children and Vulnerable Students

We are now in a national lockdown, therefore, I would kindly but vehemently request that if you fulfil the Critical Worker Child criteria but if you can have your child at home, then please do so for everyone’s safety. Whilst it is important for a child’s wellbeing we must aim to service Vulnerable children needs and those at risk from harm first. Places are limited as per the latest teaching and union and Department for Education guidance. If you are a Critical Worker requiring a place then evidence will need to be provided. Without meaning to cause offence, the school does not provide a child sitting service for those parents working from home, as many families are having to adjust to this way of working.

We want as few children in school as possible to minimise the risk of any transmission until we get the COVID testing rolled out. If you do not genuinely need the space then please keep your child at home safe from transmission, as whilst many children do not have symptoms, they can come home and pass it to your family. A member of staff will be calling you to discuss your request to ascertain if there is a real need. If after reading this you feel you no longer want the place then please email

Due to non-use by students, Pikes Coaches will not be running the route from King Arthur’s Way/Roman Way/Saxon Fields.

Pastoral Support

During this period, we would also like to offer Pastoral support. Every student will have different needs; however, we want all students to know that they can contact someone in school if they have any worries outside of their lessons. As always, safeguarding is our main priority and the Designated Safeguarding Team will continue to provide ongoing support to families in need. Students can email their tutors during tutor time with any ongoing daily concerns and a pastoral phone call can be arranged. The Pastoral team will also be available for pastoral support and wellbeing. 

In lockdown periods and time away from school we know that everyone’s mental health can be at risk. Please ensure that your child knows that it is there, no one should suffer, please reach out where you need to, we are a family that supports each other. 

To recap, for specific enquiries please email the following: 

Free school meal vouchers –

Remote Learning –

Safeguarding –

ICT issues –

Keyworker and vulnerable children places/attendance –

All other queries:

M J Serridge